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Welcome to Pro Fab Installations, serving Central Florida for over 18 years.
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We manufacture and install child safety barriers and entry alarms to protect children from drowning which gives the homeowner a sense of security in owning a swimming pool.

Pro Fab Installations, Inc. is a solely owned and operated company.  The company size may be small, but we are at our best when working for the highest profiled pool companies in and around Tampa, Florida.  We aspire to manufacture and install the safest barriers, entry alarms and handrails in addition to meeting all ASTM standards in an effort to prevent drowning.

​At Pro Fab Installations, Inc., we hold the belief that we can do our part to improve the world, by helping our children of the future not become victims. 

Our success in the area of pool safety, coupled with our continued monitoring of county codes and building requirements, allows us to also provide services to new home builders locally.  We limit the need for advertising, and instead, to rely on our reputation, and referrals from other customers, pool companies and home builders.

Pro Fab Installations, Inc. originated as a sole proprietorship in 2001 and incorporated in 2003 and is continuing strong today.  We hope that our devotion to our community reflects the commitment that gives Pro Fab Installations, Inc. the edge in child safety.
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